Tourism Sector (Updated April 2017)

National Plan of Territory Development (SNAT )

Algeria intends to give the tourism sector a dimension worthy of its potentialities and of its assets. The challenge now is to develop the national tourism, one of the engines of sustainable development, to support economic growth.

This objective is part of a comprehensive spatial planning policy, which has led to the adoption of a strategic reference framework and a vision by 2030, through the adoption of a National Plan of Territory Development, instituted by Law n° 01-20 of June 29th, 2010 on the SNAT approval.

This scheme aims at ensuring a balance of the population and activities localization throughout the country as well as the territories attractiveness.

It relies, in particular, on the territorial programming spaces organization, on the attractiveness and industrial development poles emergence, and on new towns implementation, on the basis of which mechanisms will be put in place, allowing the growth spreading throughout the country.

The Master Plan of the Tourism Development (SDAT)

An integral part of National Plan of Territory Development (SNAT 2030), the SDAT is the strategic reference framework for Algeria's tourism policy, the main objectives of which are as follows:

- The enhancement of Algeria Destination;

- Quality Tourism Plan (PQT)

- The tourist offer development and qualification by investing in tourist and villages centers of excellence;

- The public-private partnership to strengthen the tourism chain;

- The financing mobilization

The activities to be developed

- Hotel / Catering / Resort

- SPA tourism

- Health tourism

- Tourism in Mountains

- Saharan Tourism

- Development and diversification of tourism products

- Quality Development / Brand / Labeling


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