Agriculture Sector (Updated April 2017)


Agriculture and Rural Development Policy

Agriculture and rural development policy is focused on the permanent support of food security, making of the
agriculture se
ctor an engine of economic growth and diversification, through the intensification of production
in strategic agri-food chains, and the development of rural areas.


Strategic Axes of Agricultural and Rural Development Policy


• Preservation of the efforts for strengthening and extending the productive base

• Continuation of the integrated intensification of the agricultural sector

• Adaptation of the support instruments and supervision of the national product

• Continuation of human resources and technical support strengthening


Main assets of Algerian agriculture


- Wide variety of agro-climatic environments

- Low use of chemicals

- A large market (local and close to external market: Mediterranean region, African countries)

- Ability to place on the market, throughout the year and off season:

                    - A wide range of products;

                    - High quality products and even biological


Agricultural activities to be developed


  1.  Agricultural land development

  2.  The development of integrated farms

  3.  Encouraging public-private partnership in pilot farms

  4.  The development of agricultural mechanization

  5.  The development of economical irrigation systems

  6.  The development of fertilization techniques to enhance the inputs production in the various agricultural sectors

  7.  The creation and development of modern nurseries

  8.  The development of greenhouse crops (multi-chapel greenhouse)

  9.  Development of forage crops (alfalfa, hydroponics ...)

  10.  Valuation of agricultural production in the ovine, bovine and caprine sectors, white meat, fruit and vegetables and the milk sector

  11.  Valuation of local products “terroire” (dates, oils, table grapes, etc.)

  12.  Development of storage capacities and cold storage

  13.  Investment in the agri-food industry sector:

*  Implementation of fruit and vegetable processing units

*  Implementation of dairy and derivatives processing units

*  Implementation of fertilizer production units

*  Manufacture of products for veterinary medication



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