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ANDI met in Marseille with businessmen of the Algerian community living in France

The National Agency of Investment Development (ANDI) held on December 2nd, 2013 in Marseille (France), a meeting with 25 businessmen from the Algerian diaspora wishing to implement  investment projects in Algeria.

This meeting, animated by executives of ANDI, including directors of its decentralized one stop shops aimed at several objectives including:

• Information on the business climate and investment opportunities in Algeria;

• The Role of ANDI in facilitation and support investors across all provinces of the country.

• Listening to the concerns of the Algerian community in terms of investment and entrepreneurship.

Participants expressed their wish to start businesses in Algeria in areas such as food processing, services and technology industries Information and communications.TIC

Discussions focused in particular on:

• Practical implementation modes;

• The supporting structures

• Opportunities for financing projects

To remind  finally that this meeting has been organized in partnership with ACIM and MBC (maghreb business community)



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