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Ms. Nadia Habes, Algeria was awarded the prize for best business leader at Women of the World Forum of Women Entrepreneurs Annual Conference (FCEM)

By awarding, in the month of September 2013 in Marrakech, at its annual convention, the price of the best business woman leader, to Ms. Nadia Habes member of SEVE (Know and Want to undertake), the World Forum of women Heads of business (CMEF) especially wanted to reward the initiative and entrepreneurial spirit shown by this mother who educates two boys in a difficult industrial sector, namely pharmacy and drugstore.

This shows how much the price is deserved. Certainly, says Ms Yasmina Taya, patron of SEVE, it took fight for the jury who had to study the files of twenty business leaders nominated for the award in order to choose the representative of Algerian female entrepreneurship.

In this regard, Mrs. Taya wants to pay tribute to Mrs. Leila Kheyat, Honorary President of FCEM who fights, she said, for that Algeria obtains this award. Mrs. Khayat, said Mrs. Taya, has always worked for the integration of Arab and African enterprises in the closed circle of the Global Forum of Women Entrepreneurs. But that does not diminish the merit of Ms. Habes whose career is marked by successful initiatives.

The jury, says Ms.Khayat, elected a "business generating wealth and employment." As a reminder, this Pharmacist who also manages a pharmacy, has created several companies producing pharmaceuticals, dermo-cosmetic products with an investment of several million euros.

These companies employ over 350 people. For Ms. Habes, "this distinction was the culmination of years of hard work." In a brief statement made before an audience of guests, including the Director General of Andi, primarily responsible of the employer's coordination, the representative of FCEM, parliamentarians and the General director of the daily Echaâb, the winner insists to dedicate the prize to moudjahidate for the role they played in the emancipation of Algerian women. As for the guests who intervened, all were unanimous in recognizing that through this award obtained by a member of SEVE, the woman entrepreneur has won her place in the socio-economic sphere. 

These are, said Ms. Debbache for her part "swinging and fighting women who remain standing." It should be noted finally that during the ceremony at the Hilton Hotel, Ms. Khayat gave Mr. Habes, a badge of FCEM.

Nadia K. 


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