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open doors days on Investment and benefits granted in the South

ANDI organizes from 1 to 3 December 2013 in Bechar, open doors days on Investment and benefits granted in the South and invites the business community and economic actors to participate.

This initiative aims to ensure wide dissemination of information relating to the system of special benefits to holders of investment projects located in the southern regions and provide an opportunity to inform them of new measures to facilitate and support the investment as decided by the State.

It will also introduce the missions assigned to the One Stop Shop and government departments and agencies that are represented and to which new powers have been assigned for a better management of benefits and requirements for the projects.

The One Stop Shop proposes to devote discussion sessions about exchange and reflection on the development of productive activities in the Wilaya and concerns and barriers raised by the promoters, for their resolution, in consultation with representatives of local governments and agencies concerned

Interventions are planned during these days to promote investment opportunities in the areas of Tourism, Mining, Agriculture ...

Representatives of the Financial Sector and Land will also take part in this event to explain how access to finance and acquire land for investment.




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