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The second edition of the National Inverted Fair of Subcontracting - SANIST-

    The second edition of the National Inverted Fair of Subcontracting - SANIST - under the patronage of the Minister of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion is organized by the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with SAFEX and the Regional portfolio of subcontracting and Partnership BASTP Centre, BASTP East and South.

The concept of inverted show is used around the world mainly in the field of outsourcing. A classic show is a physical space where meet sellers and buyers, first exposing the products or services they make or provide and the latter come as visitors to meet sellers who show have their products and services on their booths.  

   In the case of an inverted show, it is the reverse that is organized. Exhibitors are buyers and articulate their needs in product purchases, supplies or services. Sellers come as visitors to learn about the needs of buyers and try to answer according to technical and commercial conditions which are negotiated between the two parties.

The SANIST is an inverted show exclusively for industrial and national service, accepting no direct or indirect presence of foreign companies or suppliers neither as exhibitors nor as visitors.

It is through the organization of this event to help the concrete guidance of the highest authorities of the country especially for the promotion, development and protection of domestic production.

 In particular SANIST organization aims to:

- Allow a maximum of contractors and orders receivers of Algerian to meet,

- Contribute to the substitution of domestic production to imports,

- Increase national industrial integration through the development of subcontracting,

- Improve knowledge of the potential national production,

- Promote the diversification of domestic production,

- Stimulate investments from SMEs and SMIs to meet the needs expressed by contractors and unmet by the existing potential.

The organization of SANIST is undoubtedly an original and appropriate framework to boost relations between subcontracting national industrial enterprises, large companies, SMIs or micro businesses and strengthen the industrial network and national economic integration.

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