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ANDI has organized a meeting at Guelma in order to boost the investment in the agro industry field

The National Agency for Investment Development (ANDI) held on 21 October 2013, under the patronage of the Wali of the wilaya of Guelma, a day of information and sensitization on the development of the food industry in the Wilaya and that, given the significant potential of the region in the field of Agriculture and the large number of operators who have invested this area.

The organization of this day, is part of the objectives set by the Agency and local authorities for the development of the resources of the Wilaya, known by its agricultural and rural-based and encouragement of farmers to carry out projects industrial.

This day was devoted to the dissemination of the incentive system to investment and the measures taken by the government in matter of support, facilitation, access to finance and farm properties and promoting investment opportunities in the Food industry.

The meeting was moderated by ANDI with the cooperation of local authorities, the Chamber of Agriculture, the National Office of Agricultural Lands (ONTA) and BADR Bank, in the presence of many operators of the Wilaya and representatives of associations, including those of the National Union of Algerian Farmers and Employers' Confederation




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