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A delegation of Thai official visits ANDI

On September 2  , 2012 the National Agency for Investment Development received a delegation of Thai officials, led by Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of the Thai Investment Promotion and composed of representatives of the latter and Thai
Institute of Material Research Tax Policy, visiting Algeria. This meeting is part of a prospecting program led by the Thai government to encourage Thai companies to invest throughout the world, especially in African countries, including Algeria first.  
This, by informing, through seminars and information days, the Thai business community on investment opportunities that exist in these countries, as well as the business climate prevailing there.  
The discussions between the two parties dealt, as such, one hand, about the investment opportunities offered by Algeria, its comparative advantages, the program for investment encouragement in force and the rules governing foreign direct investment, and the economic sectors
in which Thai companies could potentially invest, on the other hand.


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