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ANDI awarded at MED IT Fair 2013

 The National Agency for Investment Development was awarded the trophy for best website among Algerian institutions and organisms.

This award recognizes the recognition of professional of Information Technology and Communication of the progress of the agency in the use of ICT in administration management.

It reflects the importance given by the managers of ANDI to develop the most appropriate communication tools to ensure closer proximity to investors both nationally and internationally.

The use of ICT is becoming more and more like one of the essential and critical ways in the current context of fierce competition between the country's investment attractiveness.

Thus, the Agency has focused on the use of ICT as a modern and inseparable means through the exercise its missions of promotion, information, support, assistance and development of investment.

ANDI has therefore been constantly ensure, through the efforts of its own internal expertise, to make constant improvements in the design and the content of its website since its establishment in 2003 to increase the level of efficiency and quality of its services.

After the changes made in 2009, a major overhaul of the website of the Agency took place in 2013, according the sense outlined by ANDI designed especially to get closer toinvestors objectives, actors in the economic sphere, researchers and university and its various partners to offer an integrated information space and services likely to meet their expectations and concerns.

In its new version, the website of the Agency has been re - designed and refurbished to new technologies and design standards in use to locate an investor in the heart of the system, thanks to a new urbanization data, providing friendly and attractive space, a more elaborate and orderly architecture, updated information and a multi easy access.

The reconfiguration of Website ANDI aroused wide satisfaction of users, to measure GAP meteoric rise recorded in the attendance of the site whose evolution has almost tripled including international recording visitors from more one hundred foreign countries around the world. The prize awarded to the Agency, as it honors its leaders, its officers and staff, from the encouragement it gives rise, it is a stimulant that can further boost the continuity of their efforts.




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