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« Workshop sur l’état de l’investissement et l’accompagnement de l’investisseur privé »

  Chairing the opening of that meeting Mr. Rahmani has called for better support of the investor through the alleviation of procedures for creating projects.

During this workshop, together with national investors, the Secretary General of the General Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA) Abdelmajid Sidi Said and leaders of employers' organizations, a debate was opened to expose the problems faced by investors in order to assist them in their resolution.

The Minister emphasized on the importance of creating "powerful industrial groups" in strategic sectors, alongside support for SMEs in particular the activity of subcontracting.

Rahmani also stressed on the role of dialogue between the government, the UGTA, employers and the business community "to revive the domestic industry" in order to reduce dependence of Algeria on the oil sector.

For his part, Mr. Sidi Said said that good governance is based on confidence between the economic and social partners, highlighting the need to remove all constraints to implementation of investment projects.

While arguing for the strengthening of public-private economic partnership, SG UGTA found that the recovery of the national economy requires industrial recovery.

The president of the National Confederation of Algerian Employers (CNPA), has meanwhile, called for a "comprehensive" reform of the banking system which will allow, he says, to facilitate the investment process.

"The financing of investment projects and access to industrial land are two major constraints for the investor, that’s why comprehensive reforms are necessary," he recommended.

For his part, Mr. Mansouri, who presented the assessment of investment projects examined by the CNI during the first half of 2013 here below, has recalled the measures taken by the Government to further facilitate investment procedures.

He has, in this sense, referred to the new role assigned to the ANDI to support investment in Algeria through several actions, including the energization of the decentralized One Stop Shop (GUD) and the organization of regular meetings with project leaders to evaluate the progress of their investments.

In respect of assessment, Mr Mansouri said that since January 2013, the CNI agrees to any investment that exceeds 1.5 billion DA, against a threshold of 500 million DA before, according to a provision of the Finance Act 2013 .

The number of projects increased by 53.7% compared with the same period of 2012 during when it reached 58 projects for a total of 332.4 billion dinars.

Regarding the impact of these projects, they should generate 14,260 jobs jobs, against 13,561 jobs during the first half of 2012, representing an increase of 5.15%, according to the general manager of ANDI, M.Abdelkrim Mansouri.

The majority of these projects are in the process of enterprise creation and implementation of feasibility studies, said M.Mansouri. Amonst the 90 projects, the first half of 2013 saw 24 foreign direct investment (FDI) for a total of 225.9 billion dinars ($ 2.8 billion) against 8 similar projects during the same period of 2012 (200% in terms of number of projects), he added.

The industrial sector took the largest share of investment projects with 57 projects, for a total of 280.7 billion dinars, representing a rate of 54.9% of the total amount of these investment projects with the ambition to create 7796 jobs.

For its part, the tourism sector accounts for 23 projects, for a total of 99.4 billion dinars, representing 19.45% of the total amount, with a view to creating 4 085 jobs.

Amongst the total number of the projects examined by the CNI,we reports that those initiated by the national totalled 66, representing a rate of 73% of the total projects, amounting 285.4 billion dinars.

Regarding the distribution of projects in the sector of industry, textile ranks first with 17 projects, followed by building materials (13 projects), steel / metal (8 projects), chemicals / plastics (6 projects) electronics (5 projects), food (4 projects), wood / paper (3 projects) and mechanical (1 project).


 During the 3rd part of the workshop, chaired by the Minister, a debate was opened with the project owners, in order to identify the obstacles they faced. In this regard, the Minister instructed the institutions present to provide solutions to each case and transmit him a detailed implementation level  report.
It is recalled that in addition to the 48 decentralized one stop shops ANDI, attended the workshop the presidents of Management Companies and Participation, the General Managers and heads of divisions of the Ministry of Industry and SMEs and investment promotion, ANDPME, the ANIREF, IANOR, ALGERAC , INAPI as well as  representatives of nurseries and facilitation center of wilayates


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