The program DiaMed launched from Algiers

« DiaMed »

Supporting the creation of activity and employment in the Maghreb

- Migration to local development -

Six partners French, Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian share their networks and experience with the aim of development of sectors of activity and strategic niches in the Maghreb.


The "DiaMed" project is based on the combination of innovative capacities in the North and South of the Mediterranean and investment opportunities in the South as an economic lever.

The main drivers of the project are the commitment of local institutional and economic actors, the involvement of the diasporas, the development of young graduates from the Maghreb, the promotion of entrepreneurship and the movement of skills.

 "DiaMed" plans by 2015 to contribute to local development and to strengthen the entrepreneurial network of the Maghreb countries, through activities to support investment projects, transfer of innovation, training and coaching, and personalized support.

  This project is based on five major initiatives:

270 people trained in the accompaniment structures for business creation and local institutions.

200 potential project holders sensitized in Europe, including 60 entrepreneurs accompanied to set up their business in the Maghreb.

90 local entrepreneurs coached.

90 entrepreneurs accompanied.

270 graduates of higher education , sensitized and accompanied.