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Investment projects below 1.5 billion of Algerian Dinars are managed directly by the Decentralized One Stop Shops of ANDI

  The National Agency of Investment Development-ANDI-recalls holders of investment projects throughout the country that its 48 decentralized one stop shops, located at the capital of each Wilaya, remain at their disposal to provide them the best services and the necessary formalities for the realization of their investments.


In addition to obtaining decisions granting benefits allowing developers to take advantage of tax exemptions under the incentive investments scheme, the decentralized One Stop Shops offer investors benefits converging towards facilitating the act of invest, in particular through the business relationship and partnership.

Investors will also benefits, from the representatives from government departments and agencies represented at the Decentralized One Stop Shop, from different services such as:

- The registration of the company name and obtaining the commercial register of the Company;

- The formalities with social security (CNAS and CASNOS);

- Research skills in various fields of competence;

- The legalization of documents;

- Information on various aspects of the realization of the investment, particularly in terms of land, planning, environment ...

It is also announced to the promoters, that Decentralized One Stop Shop of ANDI are now empowered to handle requests for all files locally benefits of investment projects in the production activities of goods and services of amounts are below 1500 million dinars, according to the provisions of the Finance Act 2013 and the decision of the National Investment Council.

The Agency reminds investors that investment projects involving foreign nationals and those whose value exceeds the 1.5 billion DA can also be deposited at these one-stop shops in order to prepare their presentation to the National Council for Investment (CNI).





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