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Assessment of investment declarations for the year 2012

The Year 2012: 7715 investment projects declared, 816 billion dinars and 91 000 new jobs announced


The year 2012 has been announced as the year of investment,  given the important decisions taken  by the government to boost investment projects, expected to create jobs, reduce the import bill and ensure the harmonious development of the territory.

Thus several arrangements have been made through the finance law as well as decisions of the National Investment Council including:

  •  Generalization and dynamization of the decentralized one-stop shops to facilitate the act of investing and the creation of enterprises;
  • The implementation of derogatory scheme related to areas to be developed and its promotion through the territories concerned;
  •  The derogations granted to ANDI to deal directly with investment projects carried by national resident companies (private and public) whose amounts exceed 500 million.

Overall, 7,715 investment projects, from all nationalities, have been declared during the years 2012, through the 48 decentralized One Stop Shops of ANDI, in accordance with the provisions of Ordinance 01-03 as amended and supplemented. These projects, totaling about 816 billion dinars, intend to create more than 91,000 new jobs.

The number of projects involving foreigners reached 17 projects, with a total volume of declared investments evaluated at 42 billion dinars and a forecast of creating 3456 jobs.

The analysis by sector of activity of the declared projects shows that:

In numbers of projects:

It is indicated, beyond the strong preponderance of the sector of Transport (3864 projects corresponding to 50.08%), a remarkable entrance of building and public works sector (1,460 projects corresponding to 18.92%), but especially the Industry sector (projects 1135 is 14.71% ) and of the services sector (955 projects soit 12.38%).

Sectors of Tourism, Agriculture, Health and far behind of Telecoms are on the margin with only more than 4% over the whole in terms of projects and a totaling 201 investment projects.

In Values :

Industry sector which is almost dominant as it garnered nearly 40.31% by financial weight, followed by BTPH with 15.15%, of telecoms with 17.47% and tourism with 11.55%. This indicator specifies the share of the Industry sector which now occupies the first place and thus occult Transport and BTPH from the classification. This means that the good report is to be considered concretely, regarding choices made by manufacturers to permanently occupy and operate the industrial sphere and industrial diversification that is being put on.

In jobs generated:

Industry sector confirms its first place with 34.44% followed by BTPH with 29.50% and Transport with a share of 15.72%. The rest being occupied by the services sector (9.11%) and Tourism with 6.64%  of jobs generated.

Investment projects involving foreigners are realized, mainly, in Industries, Health and BTPH sectors, with structural weight as well as in financial terms and in terms of jobs created, while the transport sector and the Services are limited to one project each . In detail, in the frame of partnership, the industries concern following sub-sectors in descending order, the Building Materials, Glass & Ceramic following in equal value by subsector of Chemistry, Plastics and Wood, Paper and Printing and ISMME. The Health Sector and Business services, are part of FDI, since the services provided to households are the responsibility of Nationals.


Concerning the other indicators of the projects declared, it is noted that:

  • The total amount of 7715 investment projects is estimated at 816 billion dinars 405 billion of which for the importation of equipment necessary for their achievements.
  • The amount own funds mobilized by the promoters is estimated at 471 billion dinars 466 billion of which in contributions in cash that’s to say a ratio of self-funding  58%.
  • The self-funding rate has decreased from 73 in 2011 to 58% in 2012. This decrease is mainly due to the efforts of banks to finance the economy and in particular investment and the development of several new financial instruments such as leasing companies. Contribution funds wilaya is weak due to their recent creations.
  • The amount of funding needs, called to be solicited from banks are evaluated at 345 billion dinars from the overall amounts of investment projects. The rate of financing by banks increased from 27% in 2011 to 42% in 2012. These levels are expected to increase, given the recent measures taken by the Government in facilitating Banking conditions and procedures, as well as the increases in guarantees levels practiced by funds secured investment loans (AGCI and FGAR).

In summary, this is the same trend that was observed in 2011 and continuing in 2012 and will be intensified with measures including both structural and cyclical issued by the government and give positive signals in return. We should expect that at the end, the diversification and investment crescendo initialed under Industry know an evolution in the future and that has known the premises in 2011.



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