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On January 20   ,  2013,  ANDI  has  signed  an  agreement  of cooperation and partnership with the Agency for International Cooperation and Local Development in the Mediterranean - ACIM.

This agreement concerns several areas of cooperation including those related to the implementation of an incentive mechanism to investment for the Algerian diaspora in Algeria but also to the training of executives of ANDI in the areas Promotion investment.
It should be noted that ACIM is an agency of international cooperation, which is headquartered in Marseille, which registered economic development in the countries of  the southern shore of the Mediterranean and Africa, at the heart of its approach.
Its main activity is to contribute to private sector development by supporting the creation of entrepreneurial activities. To do this, ACIM helps to strengthen the capacity of countries of the South devices, acting for the promotion of very small businesses, SMEs and self-employment.
The programs focus on training managers and leaders  of associations in the area of support for the creation of enterprises, training of trainers, managers of business incubators as well as accompanying actions to investment.

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