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 Actualités ANDI

ANDI signed agreements with two companies of the Group Tavatin EIIC (UAE) March 20, 2011.

The National Agency of Investment Development signed this day two conventions of investment according to the measures of the ordinance 01-03 modified and completed.



These conventions, signed with the subsidiaries of EIIC Group (United Arab Emirates), concern the following both projects of investment:

1. Realization of the Park Dounya situated in the Northwest of the city of Algiers, in the municipalities of Dely-Brahim, Ouled Fayet, and El Achour

The project covers a surface of 800 ha dedicated mainly to the creation of a natural reserve, green spaces,entertaining areas and educational installations and as accompaniment, and infrastructures called to endow the metropolitan area of Algiers of equipments of attractiveness.   

The purpose aimed by this investment is the metropolization of the Capital and the realization of a project of high environmental quality and sustainable development.


2. Realization of a 5-star hotel to Moretti situated within the residence of State of Sahel to Staoueli ( Algiers).

The project will contain mainly:

  • A 5-star hotel of 292 rooms
  • An apartment hotel of 162 units;
  • A structure of fitness;
  • A business center and meeting rooms;
  • Parking.

Both projects, estimated at 5,98 billion, will create 9 528 direct jobs:

  • Dounya Parcs will cost approximately 5,2 billion US $ will create more than 8 750 direct jobs;  
  • The 5-star hotel Moretti will cost 196 million will create more than 778 direct jobs

It should be noted that jobs that will be provided for senior Algerian including:

  • botanists, landscapers, veterinarians for the park;
  • engineers, health personnel, teachers, etc ... for other infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, hotels, business centers ...

Besides the General Director and the executives of ANDI, took part in the ceremony of signature:

Algerian side: 

  • the General Director of the Promotion of the Investment ( MIPMEPI);
  • a representative of the Ministry of the Town and country planning and the  Environment; 
  • a representative of the Ministry of the Tourism and the Crafts sector;
  • The General Director of the Agency of Promotion of the Park of Les Grands Vents. 

Side from the United Arab Emirates: ·

  • The General Director  of the Company of the Parks of Algiers;
  • The Manager of the SARL HOTEL MORETTI;
  • Legal Director of the National group LLC holding company;
  • Manager of external relations;
  • Legal adviser

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