ANDI to meet investors in renewable energy, at the 1st Business Forum Algeria - European Union dedicated to energy.

ANDI, 05-25-2016:
As part of the intensification of its proactive promotion, ANDI took part in the 1st Business Forum on energy, organized in Algiers by Algeria and the European Union and whose works were opened by the Minister of energy and the European Commissioner for energy and climate, in the presence of several members of the Algerian Government.

 This event which is part of the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of a strategic partnership in the energy field, signed by Algeria and the European Union in 2013, recorded the presence of nearly 700 participants, including senior officials of the Algerian state institutions, CEOs of Algerian and European companies, public and private, and Presidents of industrial and employers' associations.

 During this Forum, ANDI has intervened in the session dedicated to renewable energy, through the presentation of a communication on investment opportunities in the fields to develop within this sector, incentives on taxation, financing, access to land and social charges, granted to investment through the investment code, the renewable energy support system and the common law. ANDI’s communication has also focused on the measures put in place in terms of support and facilitation of the investment process, as well as in monitoring of investment projects, and, particularly through its decentralized one-stop established in each wilaya of the country.

 ANDI also hosted an information point through which, clarifications were made to the business leaders attending the Forum, particularly as regards the formalities and procedures related to business creation, the admission of FDI in Algeria, identification of potential partners, access to various benefits and incentives, etc. In this regard, documentation on the raised aspects and the opportunities outlined in the renewable energy sector, has been distributed to them. Concerning the particular point of the identification of potential partners, interested parties were able to discover the Partnership portfolio established by ANDI, in order to facilitate the business relationship between Algerian and foreign firms and wich accessible free of charge, on its website. They were thus invited to consult this portfolio or register in it.

 Finally, ANDI has been asked for hearings with its Director General, by several Heads or representatives of companies, national and / or foreign, on the sideline of the BtoB organized during the Forum.