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The prospects of national economic development presented via videoconference at the Mediterranean Building Exhibition held in Sfax in Tunisia.

The Director General of ANDI, presented a video conference communication on the prospects of economic development in Algeria, during the Algeria day, held on the sidelines of the 13th edition of the Mediterranean Building Exhibition "MEDIBAT 2015" from 4 to March 7, 2015 in Sfax in Tunisia, under the theme "Africa in the heart of MEDIBAT".

During his speech he highlighted the new program of Five-Year Development Plan outlined by the Government for the period 2015-2019 with a focus on:

• The content of the two axes on which stands the plan;

• Expected and objectives of the plan;

• Priority sectors covered by the plan.


The General Director of ANDI also gave an overview on the comparative advantages and attractiveness of Algeria which are now a destination increasingly appreciated by the foreign investment.

 He did not fail to emphasize on the promising prospects of African markets investment, thanks to the significant logistical infrastructure, such the Trans-Saharan Road and the many ports and airports.

He also informed the participants of the various measures to support the company and guarantee and investment protection.

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