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The Decentralized One Stop shop of the National Agency for Investment Development are mobilizing for the Global Week of Entrepreneurship Week


The National Agency for Investment Development organizes all over the country through its Decentralized One Stop Shop of Wilaya, days of information and awareness on topics related to Entrepreneurship, at potential investor and young graduates, those from vocational training and operators and other stakeholders in the economic sphere, on the occasion of the Global Week of Entrepreneurship.

These meetings will be moderated by Communications around the main theme of these days as well as the establishment of information Booths for the visitor welcome and orientation and project holders.

Various programs are planned during the Global Week of Entrepreneurship in the Wilayas including the following:






The Decentralized One Stop Shop of Mascara is organizing from 16 to 24 November 2014, under the patronage of Mr. Wali of Mascara, in collaboration with the CACI of Benichograne, ANSEJ and the University of Mascara, open days on the role of instruments to support entrepreneurship in the accompanying investor


Within this framework and in a proactive approach of proximity, the One-Stop Shop and representatives partners who contributed to the organization of this event, will move to the school level and those of the Vocational Training Head - site of daïras Mascara Tiguennif, Sig, Mohammedia, Ghriss, Bouhnifia, and Oued Bordj Elabtal, with the aim to encourage and inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit in young project leaders and students and trainees at the end of cycle training and to transmit them and to share with them the best management practices.

In addition to the presentations concerning different systems of supporting investment and job creation, interventions under the themes of "entrepreneurial spirit" and "entrepreneurship driving force Local Development", will be presented as well as testimony of operators holders of large PROJECTS and heads of Small and Medium Enterprises in full growth.





Information days which are organized on 17, 18 November 19 under the main theme: "Financing Innovation-vector of Investment Development."

Various topics will be discussed during these days such as the concept of innovation, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and industrial competitiveness, financing methods including innovative projects through banks, the program IDB etc .. as well as success stories of project that received the benefits of the investment incentive system.


Will be set up during these days, information booths representing banks, guarantee fund, insurance, ANDI, CACI, the University, the Centers for scientific research, vocational training centers as well as innovative projects owners who have created their company.


B to B meetings are scheduled between exhibitors and project managers who received decisions in the CALPIREF and benefits granted by the ANDI and university graduates;




A rich program was established by the decentralized One Stop Shop of Tiaret during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.


During the day of November 17th , 2014, the Bank will open its doors to project holders and to the general public to inform them of their roles and missions assigned to it as an accompanist and facilitating investment.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to inquire support measures and investment incentives namely those concerning the South and the Highlands.

The One Stop Shop will also participate in the animation of national seminar on November 19th, 2014 by the youth sector on the theme of "Youth Entrepreneurship, Integration Factor Socio - Economic" as well as coaching workshop on "Methodology Support and Project Evaluation Driven by Youth."

During the days of 20,21 and 22 November 2014, the One Stop Shop will attend entrepreneurial training for twenty two (22) students at end of the course, which will culminate by the support of business plans.

This action provided at the Youth House of Tiaret will be held simultaneously with a training session, at which the one-stop shop will also participate, under the label "Economic Competence through training to Entrepreneurship Spirit" and whose the course is provided at the ICC Tiaret.

During the day of November 23, 2014, an information booth ANDI will be set up at the University Ibn Khaldoune to popularize the investment incentive system for students.





The Centre for Islamic Culture of Chlef, hosts open days on entrepreneurship provided from the 17 to 23 November 2014, to which the one-stop shop Chlef actively participate through the establishment and management of a space information dedicated to visitors.

The One-Stop also participate in animation these days with the presentation of communications concerning its role and mission in support of project and facilitating the investment process as well as the actions and measures taken by governments to improve the business environment.





El Oued

The One Stop Shop will participate in the exhibition provided at Dar El Jadida Ethakafa Wilaya, as well as in the animation of the information day on Investment, on November 17, 2014 organized by the Directorate of Industry of the Investment Promotion and SMEs.

This day, the inauguration of which will be provided by the Wali of El Oued Province, will also be driven by representatives of El Baraka Bank and ANIREF.






Ain Defla

The One-Stop Shop of Ain Defla will be at the appointment and will organize on November 20, 2014, under the patronage of Mr. Wali and in partnership with the Department of Industry, SMEs and Investment Promotion, the Regional Directorate BADR, El Baraka Bank, El Djazair Istithmar, the IMCC and the University of Khemis Miliana, an information Day on "Financing Bank and its role in local economic development.

"This day will allow participants, mainly composed of investors and potential project leaders, to identify the different types of financing through both loans to investment as well as to  the exploitation of the project.

The incentive for investment and new roles and missions assigned to representatives of government departments and agencies represented on Single Windows, through their dynamic as advocated by the government and implemented by ANDI device, will be subject to awareness to the audience.




Sidi Bel Abbes

The Decentralized One Stop Shop of Sidi Bel Abbes, organizes, on November 20, 2014, in collaboration with Djillali Liabes University of Sidi Bel Abbes, a workshop on the theme: "The Industry of micro – algae, Perspective of Development of Food products ", to students at the end of cycle in the sector of Agricultural Sciences.

This workshop should bring together namely representatives of local administrations and departments and Institutions under the Ministry of Industry and Mines, local Directors of ANSEJ, Taxes, CNAS, and university professors who are qualified mentors of the students.





Souk Ahras

The One Stop Shop of Souk Ahras organizes in its headquarters on November 20th , 2014 an open day on "support system for the creation of Small and Medium Enterprises and to the accompaniment of Investors."

The ANIREF, ANSEJ, ANGEM, the NACC, the FGAR and Tourism Department will receive the potential project leaders, investors and students at the end of the cycle, to inform them of operating procedures and access to support and assistance to create jobs managed by these institutions








Information day on entrepreneurship provided on November 23, 2014, chaired by Mr. Wali and led by representatives of governments and agencies involved in the process of creation and the corporate Accompaniment (ANDI, University, NRC tax, banks ... .etc);

Communications will be presented on the mechanisms to support the sustainability of the emerging business such as incubators and business incubators, instruments, especially to encourage young people to create and develop their own businesses.






Information day provided on November 23, 2014 on the role of Decentralized One Stop Shop as a support tool and support for investment projects at local level.

This day which will be held under the patronage of the Wali of the Wilaya of Skikda, at the Palace of Culture, will be devoted to the dissemination of investment incentives and support measures and the roles of representatives of public administrations and agencies represented in the One Stop Shop.






The Decentralized One Stop Shop of Biskra organizes, on November 23, 2014 under the patronage of Mr. Wali and with the support of the ICC - Ziban and the incubator of the Wilaya, for the economic operators and academics, an information day on "the role of support tools in the development of local investment."

This meeting will be moderated by ANDI, the CCI - Ziban, incubator Biskra business, FGAR and IMCC, the El Djazair Istithmar Investment Fund, the ANDPME, and the National Agency of Valuation Results Research and Technological Development.





Khenchela- Oum El Bouaghi

These One Stop Shops  will participate in exhibitions organized on the occasion of the Global Week of Entrepreneurship, and which will take place at the universities these Wilayas and, through the animation of an information booth where young people, students and project leaders are invited to inquire about the incentives and facilitation of  investment and entrepreneurship.




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