Five mega projects linked by investment agreements with ANDI, pursuant to the provisions of the Ordinance 01-03, as amended and supplemented, were inaugurated on November 2014.

These are:

• Manufacturing Plant of Renault vehicles in Oran;

• Manufacturing Plant of Mercedes Benz vehicles – Tiaret

• Mega-station of sea water desalination El-Magtaa – Oran

• Factory of ammonia and urea in the industrial zone of Arzew (Oran)

• Complex of ammonia and urea – Oran



Manufacturing plant of Renault vehicles in Oran


Inaugurated by the Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal at the occasion of the release of the first car of Symbol trade mark, the manufacturing plant of Renault vehicles, located in the Wadi Tlelat area is located on an area of 151 hectares.

The site has cost to date, nearly 50 million euros and expected to increase investment to 800 million euros in the medium term. Significant investments will be made in the vectors of stamping, sheet metal and paint, able to afford to raise the level of integration of the vehicle. Within two or three years, investment in stamping will make completely bare hull of the vehicle.

This project has benefited from the incentive and support "ANDI" syste, is hold by the Joint venture company RAP, owned at 51% by the Algerian part (34% by the National Company of commercial vehicles -SNVI - and 17% by the National Investment Fund-FNI-), and 49% by the French manufacturer Renault.



Manufacturing plant of vehicles Mercedes Benz – Tiaret


The plant of the Algerian company for the manufacture of vehicles "Mercedes Benz" (SAFAV-MB) of Bouchekif Ain, in the province of Tiaret, was inaugurated on October 26, 2014.

This project is held by the SAFAV-MB, a joint venture established in July 2012 and consists of three major shareholders. Algerian party holds 51% (development company in the automotive industry - IVUS, 34% and SNVI: 17%). The foreign party is represented by the Emirati investment fund "Aabar" and its technology partner, the German group "Daimler" hold 49%.

16 engineers trained in Germany to ensure the training of technicians and the proper functioning of the pilot workshop which comprises seven platforms for the assembly of 4x4 vehicles and 5 others for commercial vehicles.

This plant will, in a first step and in the early years, making different types of commercial vehicles and 4x4, with an annual theoretical production of 6,000 vehicles type "Mercedes Sprinter" for all uses, 2,000 of 4x4 vehicles such as "G .class "category" G ". Finally, it is clear that the technology vehicle manufacturing in this plant is the same as that used in Germany and Austria, a technology that will be transferred, so that it can be adopted by the Algerian labor work.

The plant also includes a training center for automotive technology. It consists of a teaching room, a learning laboratory of the German and English languages, 06 classrooms, a media lectures room and mechanical workshops and an administrative block. Currently 120 students, graduates CFPA receive training at the center in the specialties of general mechanics, auto mechanics, maintenance and bodywork. The factory covers an area of 104 hectares, including 44 built.



Mega-resort of sea water desalination El-Magtaa – Oran


Inaugurated by the Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal the mega-resort of water desalination El Magtaa, located east of the county town of Oran.

This installation is considered as one of the largest in the world using the process of reverse osmosis. It has a production capacity of 500 000 m3 of water per day, this quantity is not only to meet the needs of Oran but also those of neighboring wilayas, namely Mascara, Tiaret Relizane and Mostaganem.

The project, which has cost $ 491 million, is supported by a stock company, the "El Talhiyat Miyah Magtaa" (TMM spa), owned 47% by the Singaporean company that built the desalination plant in Menaspring case Hyflux Ltd, 43% by AEC and 10% by ADE.

The station management was given for a period of 25 years, to Homa company (Hyflux Operating Maintenance Algéria), which has a contract with TMM Spa and will handle the El-Mactaâ station.




Plant of ammonia and urea in the industrial zone of Arzew (Oran)


Located in the industrial zone of Arzew east of Oran, the plant "Sorfert-Algeria" fertilizer production of ammonia and urea, inaugurated on Monday by Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal is  spread over an area of over 37 hectares.

This project, which is held by "Sorfert-Algeria", a joint venture of social capital of $ 200 million between Sonatrach (49%) and the manufacturing and construction company "Orascom" (51%), aimed at implementation and management of two units of ammonia production capacity of 2,200 tons / day and a third of 3,450 t / d of urea.

The process of producing of these two products adopts sophisticated processing techniques water and natural gas. The amount of the investment was valued at 1.6 billion dollars.





Complex of ammonia and urea – Oran


This new complex production of ammonia and urea, the result of a partnership between Algeria and Oman, led by the national oil company Sonatrach and "Suhail Bahwan Group Holding" (SBGH), was inaugurated by Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal during his working visit to Oran, Located in Mers El Hadjadj, in the industrial zone of Arzew.

This plant has a production capacity of 4,000 tons / day of ammonia generating an output of 7,000 tons / day of granulated urea. The site consists of two units of ammonia production capacity of 2000 t / d each, and two urea units 3500 T / day each.

The complex, which enjoys autonomy in terms of the production of electricity and desalinated water, is also distinguished by its process operating in compliance with the highest standards in terms of environmental protection.

More than 500 direct jobs and another 500 indirect jobs will be generated for the entry into service of this industrial infrastructure which also has the impact of positioning Algeria among the major suppliers of urea and satisfy local demand this product at half price.

The factory which covers an area built over two hectares was carried out by a consortium of Japanese and Korean companies, amounting to over 2.7 billion US dollars.



ANDI : 11/11/2014