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" Algeria is an important market and its Treasury is viable, "said the General Manager of ANDI at the Economic Day on Algeria in Germany

This is how the General Manager of ANDI, Mr. Abdelkrim Mansouri, began his speech at the Economic Day on Algeria, organized on September 15, 2014 in Hamburg, Germany, by the Arab- Mediterranean Association for Economic Cooperation "EMA", in partnership with the National Agency for Investment Development and the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and with the support of the Embassy of Algeria in Berlin.

Nearly a hundred Algerian businessmen, mobilized by ANDI and CACI, attended the meeting dedicated to investment and business opportunities in the sectors of Industry, Infrastructure and Energy and which was also attended by many German businessmen.

This event was organized as panels on various topics related to the subject of the meeting and interviews BtoB between businessmen of the two countries.

During the first panel, which was dedicated to German- Algerian Economic Relations, the General Manager of ANDI made a presentation on investment in Algeria, the content of which has been welcomed by all participants as far as it was clear seen from the fact that it was translated into German.

Mr. Mansouri presentedthe macroeconomic data and comparative advantages of Algeria, highlighting in particular its geostrategic location, close to major markets as well as the role of ANDI in supporting investments.

He explained that with a GDP of over 206 billion dollars, an exchange reserves of around 200 billion dollars, exports valued at 70 billion dollars and less than 05 billion dollars of foreign debt , Algeria is an attractive market for German companies, while stating that German products are well appreciated in Algeria.

During the first panel, there was also a presentation by the representative of the Arab- Mediterranean Association for Economic Cooperation "EMA" on the legal and economic framework, prior the intervention of the representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Algeria "CACI".


The second panel focused on the theme "Modernization of Industry and Energy."

It was led by presentations related to the theme of Industry and Energy, presented by the respective representatives of the Algerian Ministry of Energy, the Arab - Mediterranean Association for Economic Cooperation "EMA" and Vice President of the German institution Production North Africa, RWE Dea in Hamburg.

The third and final panelpreceding the closing of the Conference was devoted to the theme of "International Cooperation Department of the Economy and Employment Promotion in Algeria" and was led by the presentation of various communications related to the main theme of the Panel and presented successively by the Director General of Knauf GIPS Algeria, President of AHK Algeria, the Director of the Office of the International Labour Organization for the Maghreb countries - Algeria OIT, the representative of the Arab - Mediterranean Association for Economic Cooperation "EMA" and the Manager of MDE Consult -Algeria.

This meeting, which was a great success and which knew a favorable impact from participants, helped to promote the image and the investment opportunities and potential of the country, while providing a platform for exchange and discussion through the organization of B to B meetings during the event, which allowed the businessmen of the two countries to establish relations of association and partnership, with a view to achieving economic projects in Algeria, in the targeted areas.


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