The trophy


The National Agency for Investment Development, held on June 12, 2014, at the Sheraton Oran, under the patronage of the Minister of Industry and Mines, the 4th edition of the Forum of Women Head of Corporate about the theme of  "the Service of Sustainable Development".

More than 300 participants, including women head of companies, personalities, executives in companies, Presidents or representatives of associations of women heads of regional and / or local companies, took part in this event.

This event provided a platform for exchange and reflection on women's entrepreneurship, and its specific requirements as well as around ways and means of increasing development of its contribution to the development of the country and has created a space where had been highlighted the achievements of women entrepreneurs in Algeria as well as those from our community established abroad.


Important issues related to investment as crucial axis of sustainable development such as the bridge between the university and entrepreneurship, START UP business created by women and innovation were discussed at the Forum .

Within the framework of this edition and recognition initiatives and creative and innovative ideas initiated by Algerian Women heads of companies, the Agency launched a competition to reward the best three innovative projects by awarding the trophy "clover of ANDI "distinction for which forty-seven (47) candidates, with projects in various sectors and branches of activity residing in Algeria and abroad, have been put in competition.


The award was open to Algerian women carrying an idea or a project goods or services production , which corresponds to a real need expressed by the market and the candidates could be from universities, Grandes Ecoles,  Institutes of Entrepreneurship or self-taught people, with a project to create business or have already started their business.

The best three innovative women's projects had been entrusted to the Committee of Selection of the winners, the COSEL chaired by Mr. Tibaoui Sid Ahmed, Executive Director of WORLD TRADE CENTER Algeria, and composed of the Director General of ANVREDET, the Director General of ANPT of the Director General of the INAPI and a representative of ANDI.


The COSEL team is a multi profiles team, responsible for issues as varied as diverse such as ICT, Research / Development, the Management, the Valorisation, marketing, Incubation, Brand Management, etc..


The selection of winners was made on a weighted criteria o an evaluation grid of the candidates.


The intensive use of ICT, web, pop-up ads and website dedicated professional email address, e-mailing, sms, fax, mobile and fixed, etc ..., allowed COSEL a personalized and thorough treatment of each file bid received.


47 innovative projects were received, mainly in the sectors of Industries (20 projects), Services (18 projects), followed by other sectors such as Health (05 projects), Agriculture (02 projects), Tourism (01 project) and Transport (Project 01), and together, these 47 projects were representative of a wide range of activities, including:


- The value of agricultural products of the soil,

- Building materials,

- The paper, printing and packaging,

- Electronic industries,

- Recycling,

- Textiles,

- Chemistry with cosmetics based on organic products,

- Services in the fields of electronics, maintenance of solar equipment, training and advisory

- Agriculture,

- Health,

- Ecotourism in the deep south and optimization of traffic.


It was noted the innovative nature of all proposed projects involved in fields that are blank and / or expanding or niches that require encouragement unreservedly because they are vectors of economic development and strengths for Recovery economic. These projects or ideas of project that reflect a determination among these women heads of companies to creative initiative, promoted by research, innovation and development and demonstrate a spirit maturity in entrepreneurship, investing areas, sometimes face a difficult both local and international competition.

For this purpose four of them were selected, two of whom tied for third prize. This has resulted in award-winning as follows: