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State Institutions and Ministeries

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Presidency of the Republic
Prime Ministry
General Secretariat of Government
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Finances
Ministry of  Industry and Mines
Ministry of Trade
Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security
Ministry of Telecommunications, Technologies and Digital Technology

Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing
Ministry of Public Works and Transport

Ministry of Water Resources
Ministry of Tourism and Craft Industry
Economic and Social National Council

Embassies of Algeria abroad

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In Belgium (Brussels)
In Canada (Ottawa)
in USA (Washington)
In Portugal (Lisbon)
In France (Paris)
In South Korea (Seoul)
in Germany (Berlin)
in Russia (Moscow)
in Holland (The Hay)
in India (New Delhi)
in Czech Republic (Prague)
in Vietnam (Hanoi)

in Kuwait (Kuwait)
in the UK (London)
in Italy (Rome)
in Cameroon (Yaounde)
in Switzerland (Bern)
in Qatar (Doha)
in Senegal (Dakar)
in Ouzbekistan (Tachkent)
in Japan (Tokyo)

National institutions


  • Economic Institutions :
         Designation         Web site
Official Journal
Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CACI
National Centre of Trade Register
General Office of Customs
General Office of Taxes
National Office for Statistics
Public Establishment of Town planning of the new city of Sidi Abdellah
ANSEJ National Agency for young people employment support
ALGEX National Agency for export promotion


  •  Financial Institutions :
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Bank of Algeria
BADR Algerian Bank for Rural Development
CPA Algerian Popular Credit
BEA Exterior Bank of Algeria
FGAR Guarantee Fund for SME
CAGEX Algerian Fund for exports
National Society of leasing


  • Companies :
Designation Web site
 SONATRACH National Company of hydrocarbons transformation, transport and marketing
 SONELGAZ National Company of Power and gas

 Air Algeria
 SNTF railway transport company
 ENTMV maritime transport Company



Employers Organizations


 Designation        Name                             
 web site 
CAP  Algerian Confederation of Employers 
CGEOA  General Confederation of Algerian entrepreneurs and operators
CNPA  National confederation of Algerian employers
FCE  Forum of the heads of companies
CEIMI  Club of Entrepreneurs Industrials of Mitidja
ANECAM  National Association of Entrepreneurs in quarries and Mines
 ANEXAL  National Association of Algerian exporters
 SEVE  Association of Women Heads of company
 Association for the Promotion of the Eco effectiveness and Quality in the enterprise  



International institutions

  • Organizations :
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World Bank
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
European Union


  • Agences Partenaires :
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General Investment Authority (Yemen)
Tunisian Industry Promotion Agency

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