Role of the one stop shop

The role of the decentralized one stop shop is to facilitate and simplify the legal procedures for companies incorporation and investment projects implementation. For this purpose, the representatives of administrations and agencies who constitute the one stop shop, are responsible for issuing up, directly at their level, required documents and provide administrative services related to the implementation of the investment. They are also responsible for intervening at the central and local administrations or agencies of origin to raise any difficulties encountered by investors.


And in order to ensure the effectiveness of the one stop shop action and make it a real instrument of simplification and facilitation towards investors, rearrangements were introduced to enable it to set itself up, as an essential space for the implementation and development of investment projects. The services provided by the One stop shop, are no longer limited to simple information but extend to the completion of all required formalities, thanks to the delegation of power of effective action, decision and signature granted by the concerned administrations and agencies to their representatives within the one stop shop.


Presentation of the one stop shop

Composition of the one stop shop

List of the one stop shops

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