Presentation of the one stop shop

The Decentralized One Stop shop is a dismemberment of the National Agency of Investment Development at the local level, created at the level of wilaya. It includes, , besides the officers of the Agency itself, the representatives of the administrations intervening at one time or another in the course of the investment especially the formalities related to:

  •  The incorporation and registration of companies,
  •  Approvals and permits including building permits,
  •  Benefits related to investment  

As such, it is in charge of the welcome of the investor, after receiving his investment statement, the establishment and issuance of certificate of deposit and the decision to grant benefits as well as the treatment of files related to the services of  administration and agencies represented in the one stop shop and their direction towards the concerned services and their appropriate completion.

Role of the one stop shop

Composition of the one stop shop

List of the one stop shop


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