Investment funds (Updated April 2017)

        1. The National Investment Fund

This fund results from the Algerian Development Bank restructuring, in order to promote new instruments necessary to the State intervention for the development financing. This action comes within the framework of the reform process completion of the financial and banking sector initiated by the State.

 The FNI is responsible for financing from its own resources the private and public sector companies’ implementation and development by prioritizing the "profitability" and "management" of risk aspects, without obscuring the general interest in relation with the Government policy.

 The FNI intervenes, namely, on the financing from its own resources of investment projects, through:

       a. Long-term Direct loans:

They are intended to financing, on preferential terms, projects of any kind (creation, enhancement of the existing rehabilitation...) of public or private sector that meet the criteria of the NIF and participating in development goals.

The fund intervenes exclusively on long term (more than 5 years) in Sectors with high development potential.

This offer comes as a supplement to the possibilities of financing by debt available on the financial center. So, the Fund intervenes firstly in co-financing with other lenders in particular in big projects or in sectors less privileged by Commercial banks.

       b. Participations:

In particular, in the capital of the small and medium-sized enterprises of the national private sector which wish it, in the activities sectors in connection with its strategic orientations. The Fund's investment criteria for equity participation are:

To be eligible, a project must meet all economic criteria for investment and at least has a positive substantial impact on economic development .These equity participation are limited to a period agreed between both parties concerned and intended to contribute in:

  • Creation, expansion or rehabilitation Investments;
  • Operations intending to increase capital of domestic private companies concerned also in view of the partnership conclusion with a foreign operator, in accordance with relevant legislative measures.

Participation levels are fixed to 34% depending on terms in conformity with the statutes of the Fund, and established by agreement negotiated between the two parties.

     c. Guarantees granting:

- On external credits, At the request of Algerian economic operators, to banks and foreign financial institutions that have granted them loans, at a commission rate of 1% per annum of loans outstanding and semi-annual payment terms.

- Commercial guarantees For the benefit of national operators, by order of banks of goods and services foreign suppliers within the framework of the project implementation in Algeria. They include :

  • - Tender guarantee through tenders covering the bidder failure.
  • - Advance payment guarantee on supplying or on works.
  • - Performance bond guarantee

The guarantees are issued at a rate of 1% per annum (0.25% per indivisible quarter)

The NIF's offer is intended to companies, organizations and promoters in the public and private sectors. Projects submitted to the NIF for funding must meet the Fund objectives and must provide economic, financial and technical benefits and not have a negative impact on the environment.

Eight sectors are already targeted:

- Industry and industrial subcontracting

- Construction and public works

- Information, telecommunications and technological innovation

- Agriculture and agri-food industries

- Transport and logistics

- Tourism

- Financial services

- Renewable energies


2. Investment Funds of Wilaya

Pursuant to provisions of the article 100 of the Ordinance relating to the complementary finance law 2009, the government has established 48 investment funds for all wilayas and the management of which, on behalf of the State, was entrusted, under agreements signed with the Ministry of Finance, to three (03) investment companies already operational, and to the subsidiaries of the two banks currently being set up.


A-Territorial representation





 Filiale BNA

Filiale BEA



El Bayadh










Sidi Bel Abbes









Oum El-Bouaghi









Souk Ahras

Ain Defla








EL Taref



Ain Temouchent



















B-The main provisions governing these investment funds are

  1. Mission: To facilitate the financing of projects owned by young promoters through equity participation in the capital of the SME
  2. Financing of each fund: by revolving allocation of 01 billion DA on a special affectation account of the Treasury.
  3. Maximum level of intervention: a 49% contribution in the SME Upper limit to 100 million dinars unless dispensation by the Ministry of Finance.
  4. Forms of intervention: the equity participation can be made for the following cases:

- The risk capital for SME establishment.
- The development capital.
-  The financing for shares restructuring, transfer and repurchase, held by another investment capital company with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of SMEs and to safeguard its jobs.

5. Eligible activities: Apart from the activities of trade and agriculture that are not eligible for this scheme, each investment company or bank will propose to the Ministry of Finance the activities to be supported.

       6. Eligible legal forms of SME to be financed:

- SMEs having the Statutes of joint stock company "SPA".
- SMEs having the Statutes of Limited Liability Company "SARL"

       7. selection Criteria of financed projects:

  - The project nature especially in terms of its technical feasibility and its market.
  - The quality of the project business plan and financial profitability.
  - The management quality.
  - The contribution to the creation of employment.
  - The contribution to regional economic development.
  - The contribution in preserving the environment.

      8. Monitoring of investments:The company of investment capital or the investment fund managing bank is obliged to have a representative in SME where it took a participation.

      9. Reimbursement Fund The exit from the investor capital in financed SMEs occurs 5 to 7 years from the date of acquisition.

Territorial presentation and coordinates of Investment Companies:

Company Coordinates
  El Djazair Istithmar :


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