Naturel resources   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Algeria has substantial and diversified natural wealth, especially in hydrocarbons, where it occupies the 15th range in field of oil reserves (45 billion of tons in oil equivalent), the 18th in field of production, and the 12th in exports.

Its capacities of refining may reach 22 million of tons per year. Concerning the gas, Algeria occupies the 7th range in the world in field of proved resources, the 5th in production and the 3rd in exports.

A real giant of energy, Algeria, strong of 50% of reserves,of 48% of the total production and of the impressive rate of 94% of natural gas exports, has no rival in the Mediterranean where it is ranked the 1st oil and natural gas producer and exporter.

Algeria is the third supplier of the European Union in natural gas and its forth supplier in energy. In addition to these two wealth, Algeria hides in its under ground huge deposits of phosphate, Zinc, Gold, Uranium, iron, Tungsten, Kaolin, etc.

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