About ANDI


Created in the framework of first generation reforms in Algeria during the nineties, the Agency in charge of investment experienced evolutions aiming at adapting to change of economic and social situation of the country. Initially APSI, Agency of Promotion, Support and Follow-up of Investment from 1993 to 2001, then ANDI, National Agency of Investment Development, this governmental institution aims at promoting, accompanying and making the investment easier 



Transition from APSI to ANDI resulted in changes of institutional and statutory frameworks :

  • Creation of National Council of Investment, body under the authority of the Prime Minister, in charge of strategies and priorities for development;
  • Creation of regional structures of the Agency which contribute in consultation with regional development local players. This contribution consists namely in putting in place human and material means in order to make easier and simplify the investment action;
  • Establishment of interdepartmental committee of appeal in charge of receiving and giving ruling on complaints of investors;
  • Clarification of roles of different intervenors in the investment process;
  • Revision of incentive system to investment;
  • Withdrawal of self-financing level required to eligibility for advantages;
  • Simplification of procedures for obtaining advantages;
  • Simplification of advantage application files.

Boosted by confirmed experience and expertise in investment promotion, ANDI obtained a place within international networks of investment promotion agencies and keeps cooperating namely with its European, Arab and Asiatic counterparts :

  • WAIPA, world Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA) which contains more than 150 IPA throughout the world;
  • ANIMA, euro-Mediterranean networks of IPA in 12 countries of south bank of the Mediterranean in partnership with French, Italian and Spanish agencies;
  • ANIMA Investment Network, Association created in succession to ANIMA networks and extended to other European countries;
  • AFRICANET association of investment promotion African agencies since 2010
  • Conclusions of many bilateral agreements and conventions with IPA aiming at exchanging experience and good practices as regard investment promotion.

In order to provide services in accordance with international standards, ANDI works with various international institutions and bodies such as :

  • CNUCED for advice and expertise, on the occasion of investment policy review in Algeria;
  • ONUDI for training and improving executives of the Agency as regard investment project assessments;
  • World Bank (Banque Mondiale) for auditing firm creation process and improvement measure proposals within the framework of its DOING BUSINESS program.


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